Three paintings by Kristin Reed

Fascinated by “the farthest reaches of distant galaxies, and how the tiniest particles and waves in the natural world can be distilled by science into mathematics,” Kristin Reed recognizes an inner-reality within a very large cosmic reality. Her work explores human consciousness in the both the micro and macro universes, balancing the wild and chaotic with the serenity and peace which she personally seeks.


Reed weaves together expressionistic light and luminous color—violently splattered and softly sprayed paint, liquid drips, photo transfers, collaged flotsam and jetsam, and geometric line drawings spread across multiple interplaying panels—forming a cohesive whole of adjoining parts. She sees this “multiplicity as a reflection of how many interconnecting things become one whole.”


In a disconnected information age, where many, including herself, are looking for “deeper meaning,” seeking “to feel whole and safe,” Reed processes and makes sense of the vast data input through her work. Bringing together the geometric symbols of ancient human cultures, neuroscience, advanced physics, archeology, cultural anthropology, mysticism, dream and meditation space, and “the residue of our daily life,” Reed’s paintings pay homage to quantum physics’ notion that “consciousness is the ground of all being.”

Start Date

May 19, 2016

End Date

September 14, 2016


08:00 AM - 07:00 PM


601 W 57th Street (lobby of The Helena) New York, NY

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