The Fourth Wall: David Hendren, Sami Korkiakoski

The Fourth Wall is named for the performance convention that imagines a wall––or, more aptly, a one-way mirror––separating actor from audience, where the former stays absorbed in its fiction, seemingly unaware of the existence and gaze of the latter.


Much like that of a stage designer, L.A.-based artist David Hendren’s multisensory approach to artmaking takes into account the body, space, form, color, light, sound, movement, and tone of each sculpture. In this way, every work acts as a kind of installation.


Finnish artist Sami Korkiakoski’s dense, entropic paintings include occasional lettering amidst the chaos, perhaps opening us to see that language is not always logical, and that logic has never been all-encompassing. Rendered with the abandonment of a whirling dervish, the paintings create the feeling of getting swept up into a storm.

Start Date

April 13, 2019

End Date

May 18, 2019


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM


4851 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

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