The Body Responds by Lying Down

The Body Responds by Lying Down is an exhibition featuring the works of our 2019 Season I artists-in-residence. The exhibition is titled after a poem by Quinn Latimer which similarly takes its title from a phrase in an essay by Alex Kitnick on the work of Pamela Rosenkranz, which was published in the 2012 catalogue of Pamela’s work called [No Core].

The exhibition brings together the practices of the included artists which are doubtlessly multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted. Throughout their residencies, each artist has embodied their own method of response in order to answer to the call of nature, the call of responsibility, of environment, of language, of technology, of creative practice itself. No matter how they have chosen to respond, by and by, they respond.

Latimer’s poem was published in her 2017 collection [‘Like a Woman’ by Sternberg Press].

Start Date

March 1, 2019

End Date

February 22, 2019


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


201 46th Street

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