“Tandem” at Regina Rex and (harbor)

Regina Rex and (harbor) pedal on the same proverbial bike at their Madison street space. In the spirit of these two galleries operating together, Tandem presents seven two person artistic collaborations that each operate as combined voices. Sister Gallery curates artists in a series of solo shows in a Bushwick neighborhood window that can be seen from the street. Run by Jenny Lee and Zuriel Waters, Sister Gallery will occupy a window in (harbor) featuring work by Per Billgren. Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio of 2MF host monthly meetings with selected artists to talk on subjects related to their artistic practice, this time they have been asked to give a talk akin to their practise during the course of the show. Sorry Archive, the alter ego for Claire Mirocha and Vanessa Thill, have teamed up with Siebren Versteeg to invite 81 artists to replace the card icons in the 1990s game SET. The Sorry SET has been printed and will be available to play with its 81 new and sometimes perplexing images during the show. Jaimie Henthorn and Misael Soto will present a performative work that involve bodies in dialogue with their setting and architecture. Often subtle, the performers move in and out of context with surroundings and objects, using action based tasks that blur the line between acting and non-acting.

Start Date

July 10, 2016

End Date

July 31, 2016


05:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Regina Rex and (harbor) 221 Madison Street New York, NY 10002

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Regina Rex and (harbor)  

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