Tamara Henderson at Redcat

Tamara Henderson’s writings, sculptures, 16mm films and paintings often refer to dreamscapes that the artist reconstructs in the exhibition space. She creates sculptures inspired by a process of notating ideas while under hypnosis, and her films are surrealist tales of passage, transformation and decay, in which objects and images are personified and imbued with the artist’s personal history and memories. Henderson collects objects from various sources, including found and recycled items and gifts gathered throughout her travels, and assembles them into large-scale installations.

Henderson’s first solo exhibition on the West Coast includes an expanded version of Seasons End, the ambitious installation she premiered at the 2016 Glasgow International, as well as a selection of the artist’s films and other works. Henderson’s recent research focuses on past and present totems, seasonal change, pagan gods and goddesses, fairies and scarecrows.  She has been working with the figure of the garden photographer, as well as a lofty body of plants, wood and fabric, captured as memories using a pinhole camera apparatus. “While she stands she remembers; while she remembers she photographs; her nervous system is a system of flash-bulbs.”


Opening Reception

Saturday, October 15: 6 – 9pm


Gallery Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 12 – 6pm

Start Date

October 15, 2016

End Date

December 23, 2016


06:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Redcat, 631 West 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 90012

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