Street heARTS: Valentines & Confessions

You’re invited to the Valentine’s Day opening reception of Street heARTs: Valentines & Confessions, a group exhibition featuring renowned street artists AJ Lavilla, Hektad, Jason Naylor, MK Medlock, Renda Writer, Savior Elmundo, and Zero Productivity.

Explaining her inspiration, curator Rachael N. Clark shares, “it may seem contradictory to explore the private emotions evoked by Valentine’s Day — joy, heartbreak, loneliness, love — with the public genre of street art, but street art is already very personal because the artists’ emotions are communicated in every piece they put up. These street artists display their ‘heart on the street’ regularly … but ‘Street heARTS: Valentines & Confessions’ is a unique opportunity to see what they confess and experience their passion for all art in the street”.

The dynamic and diverse creatives featured in Valentines & Confessions have left their mark on the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Miami, cultural monuments like the World Trade Center and The High Line, and in partnership with brands including MAC Cosmetics, XBOX, Coach and more.

“With this exhibition, my mission is to continue to make street art top of mind for collectors by building upon the momentum and increasing awareness generated by artists like Banksy and Kobra, as well as the newly-opened Museum of Street Art, right here on the Bowery. Additionally, this is a time to broaden the meaning of Valentine’s Day and depart from its overly commercialized connection with ‘kitsch’ bearing hearts, and transform this international holiday into an opportunity for communication with our loved ones and meaningful introspection on self-love and heartbreak — and the personal growth which stems from it all, that resonates especially for me,” Clark continues.

The Street heARTS: Valentines & Confessions opening reception will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th from 7-10pm, and the exhibition will run through February 24, 2019. For more information, visit or email us!

Start Date

February 14, 2019

End Date

February 24, 2019


07:00 PM - 10:00 PM


168 Bowery

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