Source Matters

Curated By Elisa Gutierrez Eriksen

Featuring NARS 2020 Season I Residency Artists:

Rusudan Melikishvili (Denmark) | Brian Napier (USA) | Ellen Bleiwas (Canada) Joseph Moore (USA) | Laure Hocine (Belgium) | Sarah Williams (USA) Lauren Cohen (US/UK) | Matthew Cronin (USA) | Joani Tremblay (Canadian) Sareh Imani (Iran/USA) | Sepideh Farzam (Iran/Australia) | Furen Dai (China/USA)

NARS is pleased to present ‘Source Matters’, an exhibition featuring the works of our 2020 Season I artists-in-residence.
Source plays an important role in the work of these artists. Whether it be images extracted from old catalogs, borrowed medical methodologies, over-viewed and mediatized images in postcards, natural derived materials, data, taxidermied species, uncomfortable moments in American history, feelings of discomfort, the US national census, online cameras in the world, or future memories —all revolve around narratives, constructions and gestures that describe the importance of finding different ways to perceive, read, and interpret.
The way we interpret a source can determine a path, transcend time, reveal other narratives and very possibly, enter us into an endless loop —a constant search for the source, for what matters.

Start Date

January 20, 28-0

End Date

January 20, 20-0


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


201 46TH St. 4th FLOOR

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