Sean Capone: "Black Night/White Light"

On March 16, SL Gallery presents “Black Night White Light” an exhibition of digital media by visual artist SEAN CAPONE in New York City.

Sean Capone is a Brooklyn-based moving image artist working primarily in 3D animation, public art installation, and motion-capture performance. With a combination of high tech and low humor, he explores the poetics, absurdities, and strange embodiments of screen space and digital culture. “Black Night White Light” centers on three projected digital animation pieces (“Male.Dictions” “Global Illuminations” and “Holy Mountain”) which incorporate avatar performance, algorithmic animation, and trompe l’oeil visual effects in projections both immersive and intimate in scale. This marks Capone’s first solo exhibition in New York City.

Start Date

March 16, 2018

End Date

March 16, 2018


06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


335 W 38th St

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