Sarah Oppenheimer: S-281913 at the Perez Art Museum Miami

Bridging art, architecture, and philosophy, the spatial modifications of Sarah Oppenheimer (b. 1972, Austin; lives in New York) generate astonishing effects that both scramble and clarify our understandings of the buildings we inhabit.


For her new project commissioned by Pérez Art Museum Miami, Oppenheimer reorients the array of staggered exhibition spaces on the museum’s second floor. S-281913 consists of two architectural “switches”: eccentrically rotating glass elements that alternate in transparency and reflectivity in relation to lighting conditions and viewing position. The switches operate in tandem, relaying sightlines between the museum’s two primary light sources: Herzog & de Mueron’s archetypal lighting grid and Pérez Art Museum’s expansive view of Biscayne Bay. The visitor’s primary axis of orientation will fluctuate as the switches are moved. Locations seemingly distant will be brought into close proximity, and spaces previously obscured will be brought into view.


Monday – Tuesday

10am – 6pm




10am – 9pm

Friday- Sunday

10am – 6pm

Start Date

September 30, 2016

End Date

April 23, 2017


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Pérez Art Museum Miami, 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

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