Samy Benarroch: Bonbon Romantique

Samy Benarroch presents a solo exhibition at EXXHIBIT, featuring a collection of elaborate hand made colors and monochromatic compositions.

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Samy Benarroch is a self-taught artist based in Los Angeles. His work explores texture and color as they reveal themselves to him through his main source of inspiration – the diversity of Los Angeles itself.
The ambitious and elaborate compositions Benarroch creates are the product of an intricate process of sculpting. Crafting each piece by hand, Benarroch mounts paint onto the canvas, piece after piece, until the final artwork feels complete. This process is lengthy and delicate and relies on Benarroch’s lifetime of art making.
Whether facing a large-scale monochromatic canvas, or a patterned multi-colored piece, one can sense the nod towards the ambiance and mood of the city views. It is not a literal rendering of something you have seen before, rather a tactile and textural creation derived from being truly engaged with the visual and emotional. Alongside this ephemeral response, the pieces in the exhibition attempt to demonstrate a progression in Benarroch’s work, further developing his three-dimensional textural technique.

Start Date

January 10, 2021

End Date

March 10, 2021


11:00 AM - 05:00 PM


8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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