Sadie Barnette: Compland at Fort Gansevoort

Fort Gansevoort is pleased to announce Sadie Barnette: Compland opening September 14, 2017. Barnette’s inaugural exhibition with the gallery features a mergence of photography, drawing and installation to create a dynamic exploration of the abstraction of urban space and the transcendence of the mundane to the imaginative. The title Compland suggests a mythical cultural space, though geographically impossible, blending the California cities of Compton and Oakland. For the artist, these cities each hold equal parts biographical significance and importance as iconic places defining west coast culture, from Black Power to hip hop. Family photographs and ephemera punctuate Barnette’s imagined space with evidence of the real. California 1970’s living rooms, stacks of money and coins, sidewalk cracks and fences, stucco buildings and hello kitty toys are viewed alongside splashes of glitter and otherworldly holographic iridescence.

Start Date

September 14, 2017

End Date

October 28, 2017


11:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Fort Gansevoort 5 Ninth Avenue NEW YORK, NY, 10014

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