Renaud Jerez at ICA Miami

For his first solo exhibition in the US, Renaud Jerez presents a site-specific installation of new work that builds upon his evolving language of innovative, anthropomorphic, and apocalyptic forms. Working across styles and mediums, but with a concentration on sculpture, Jerez uses craft and industrial materials to create haunting, humorous, and abject sculptures that imagine the future through monsters and ruins. Intricate and violent, these forms frequently present a human form consumed with architecture and technology.


For his installation at ICA Miami, Jerez presents a dramatic, immersive installation in which his sculptures seem to spectacularly take domicile amidst the museum’s galleries. On display will be new “skeleton” sculptures whose elongated forms suggest bold futurism and elegiac decay, as well as a significant architectural intervention.


Tuesday – Sunday
11am – 7pm
Guided tours 2pm


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