Raid Envy Curated D. Dominick Lombardi

Raid Envy- Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi

Exhibition Dates: July 13- August 12, 2016


Group Exhibiition with Work by :

Todd Bartel
Ross Caudill
Karlos Carcamo
Augustus Goertz
Bodo Korsig
D. Dominick Lombardi
Mary Ann Strandell
Joan Waltemath


Most things are rarely what they seem, especially at first. Add to this the fact that each of us has their own unique set of filters and factoids with which to judge or decipher events or actions and you are left with any multitude of reads and interpretations of just about anything. With the making of art, there is the distinct possibility of creating a malleable form of representation that feeds off of a combination of these understandings and confusions – and it is the artist that has unlimited opportunities to bend thought and change preconceptions either subtly or soundly.


The eight artists in this exhibition represent various levels of this pursuit by using both established and pre-existing realities combined with, at times, improbable methods and persistent .
passions. ( From Catalog Essay by D. Dominick Lombardi)

Start Date

July 13, 2016

End Date

August 12, 2016


03:43 PM - 06:00 PM


175 Rivington Street

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