Photographing In Costume by Anja Niemi by The Little Black Gallery

This is Anja Niemi’s first solo show in USA, a collaboration between The Little Black Gallery London, Andi Potamkin and Bethanie Brady. Niemi is considered ‘one of the most compelling modern artists working today‘ and ‘one of Europe’ s most talked-about young artists’.

The exhibition Photographing In Costume features works from Niemi’s last three critically acclaimed series: Darlene & Me, Starlets, and Do Not Disturb. Niemi always works alone. She functions as photographer, director and stylist as well as appearing as the subject in all of her images. With her purposeful mise-en-scenes, Niemi invites us to consider the construction of the female both in society and in its mirror image – film. The excessive femininity of her women, with their coiffed hair and pristine dresses, pose as many questions as statements. Is she vulnerable or powerful? Real or illusory?

Start Date

March 2, 2016

End Date

April 2, 2016


11:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Five Eleven, 511 West 27th Street, New York

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