Pasadena Leaves

In the shadow of Paris Photo, Lazy Susan Gallery presents “Pasadena Leaves” by Tom Bovo with a reception on Thursday, November 16th, from 6pm to 8pm. “Pasadena Leaves” is a solo exhibition of photographs that reveal an array of detailed introspections into autumnal foliage.

Tom Bovo began this series of photographs while on a trip to Pasadena, California and it inspired a subsequent series titled “The Leaves.” In “Pasadena Leaves” Bovo presents his subject in context, still embedded in the landscape and connected to a tree while the seasons bear various changes across the deciduous surface. Similar to paper and other fibrous media, leaves are ephemeral extensions that produce flowers, seeds and shells while showing different grades of color.

The photographs seen throughout “Pasadena Leaves” capture the texture and surface of the photographer’s subject. However his use of black-and-white, as well as that of digital color, releases each leaf from its repetitive life-cycle and instead presents a larger meditation upon form. Bovo’s photographs specialize particularly in landscape, creating images that reveal details often missed within the voluminous context of both rural and urban areas.

Tom Bovo studied art with Andre Racz, David Lund and Robert Blackburn at Columbia University. His choice of photography over other media evolved from childhood, when his father had given him a camera from the US Army Post Exchange in Japan. “My images are not accidents,” states Bovo. “the camera does not reveal things that do not exist, but can reveal the things we filter out when looking directly at them.” Unlike the random, serendipity of American modern painting, the photographic medium for Bovo provides a direct reflection of what lies before the camera.

“Pasadena Leaves” will be on view through November 27th, 2017

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November 16, 2017

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November 17, 2017


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


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