Matthew Morrocco “Orchid: RGB” at Pioneer Works

Matthew Morrocco’s exhibition Orchid: RGB is, at its heart, about photography itself. To take a picture, two things need to exist: light, which is seen with the naked eye as an image of colors, and secondly, a way to convey the image. This basic communicative act, the transmission of color, is fundamental to the artist’s new series of works, which revolve around “Orchid,” a nameless, genderless figure posing in various landscapes of abstract RGB color fields. They are a nod to both Ellsworth Kelly, a Color Field painter who pioneered shaped, monochrome canvases, and the RGB color system, a standardized method of mixing colored light for digital display.

Start Date

July 20, 2018

End Date

August 26, 2018


12:00 PM - 07:00 PM


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