Marxist Feminism: Developing Contemporary Feminist Practice

Most revolutionists today agree that any worthwhile radical politics must analyze not only class and state power, but also patriarchy, racism, usually under the heading of intersectionality. To put this into practice, it’s important to learn about the long, often ignored or even hidden traditions of theoretical & practical debate around these systems of oppression. In this spirit, we’re running a workshop focused on the tradition of marxist and/or materialist feminism, loosely defined by the shared concept of social reproduction.

The workshop will have three main parts:
1: Participants will break out into groups and each read a (short!) essay from the tradition, discuss them, and pick a speaker.
2: The speakers will present the position their group and, if possible, debate them with other groups. (Obviously we can’t force people to defend a position they don’t agree with, but we do think that’s often a great way to learn them.)
2.5: A break! With food!
3: Finally, we’ll discuss the practical & organizational implications of these positions, and the tradition more generally, towards.developing a contemporary feminism practice.

We firmly believe this sort of theoretical development is integral to our movements’ practical success, and we hope you’ll come join us!

Start Date

July 2, 2016

End Date

July 2, 2016


12:00 PM - 03:30 PM


Mayday Space, 176 St Nicholas Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Mayday Space



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