Martí Cormand, “Postcards to AZ” at the Josée Bienvenu Gallery

Josée Bienvenu is pleased to present Postcards to AZ, a solo exhibition by Spanish born, American artist Martí Cormand. This new series of 7 x 5 inch oil paintings and graphite drawings exist as symbolic excavations and distant iterations of lost masterworks during the Nazi regime, challenging not only the notion of remembrance but also the materiality of history.


Arranged in a museological display, qualities of transparency, density, light, shadow, and extreme precision are applied to either bring the works to a point of self-consciousness, or to articulate the oblivion of the subjects. Cormand’s work attests to the coalescence of time, or rather, of an intangible past that can only be grasped in the present through intuition. According to the artist, our present reaffirms the concept of an “eternal return,” the idea that our existence is cyclical in nature instead of linear. These images also become a byproduct of entangled temporality in cyberspace, where Cormand often derives his source material.

Start Date

June 7, 2016

End Date

July 22, 2016


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Josée Bienvenu Gallery, 529 W 20th Street New York, NY 10011

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