Elsewhere is pleased to announce the Summer season program for Landscape, an arts initiative and curatorial program housed within the Elsewhere music venue. The Summer season will feature multimedia works by artists Breadface, Zoe Burke,  and a curated selection of films by Candace Moeller. Dani Bonnet, Grace Miceli, and gloflo, on view from June 11, 2019 – October 2019 with an opening reception taking place on June 11, 2019 from 6 – 9 pm at Elsewhere (599 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237).


Formally launched in Spring 2018, Landscape is supported through a portion of all Elsewhere ticket sales. Operating outside of the traditional gallery model, Landscape encourages broader participation and patronage in the arts. Through a seasonal program of installations, performances, permanent commissions and community events led by Elsewhere’s Art Director, Molly Surno, Landscape invites collaboration and experimentation with unique, emerging and international voices in the contemporary art world.


Starting in June, Landscape will introduce its first, year-long Artist in Residence, perfumer Marissa Zappas, who will be “scenting the gallery” with a different original smell inspired by the Landscape art program. Zappas’s olfactive designs aim to encourage experiences of pleasure, repulsion, playfulness and uncertainty. The scents will change each season along with the programming.


Elsewhere’s commitment to supporting artists, musicians and subsidized commissions enhances the venue and music-goers’ experiences. On Landscape’s mission, Art Director Molly Surno says, “The ‘Landscape’ art program is designed to encourage our audience to have casual and spontaneous interactions with art. By showcasing a diverse range of emerging artists, you will inevitably be confronted with new ideas, materials, and visual experiences through a range of installations and commissions. Each season I select a series of artists to take over a section of the building, creating somewhat of an “exquisite corpse” where slowly each corner of the structure will house an artists’ intervention.”


Art at Elsewhere can be found in unusual places. An original video by Breadface, the viral internet sensation, can be found installed in the loft on the dance floor as part of Landscape’s video residency. The piece relates to feelings of solitude and the calming ambiance of levels in video games set in water environments. Inside the Skybridge, visitors will find a new interactive neon work by Dani Bonnet titled, The Fortune Teller, which provides answers to participants’ questions and challenges our ideas on divine destiny. The work is her attempt to translate a traditionally static medium to a more interactive, playful piece. Drawings by Zoe Burke continues the artist’s practice on utopian and dystopian imagery sourced from the sci-fi universes of her formative youth. During the summer program, the Skybridge will be temporarily converted into a movie theatre featuring two short documentaries produced by Mexican Summer. Leading up to the roof, visitors can find a floral installation on the exterior staircase. Outside will be new permanent mural by Grace Miceli about her interpretation of the experience of listening to your favorite songs in your bedroom late at night.


Each season Surno and her team look at the places in Elsewhere where concert-goers tend to congregate and seek to give attention to these parts of the building through vibrant commissions. Artwork located in the Skybridge or the video residency are seasonally rotated, while the rest of the pieces throughout the venue can be found year-round. The artists selected for ‘Landscape’ have all been chosen because of their aligned commitment to the bridging of music, art and culture.

Start Date

June 11, 2019

End Date

October 1, 2019


06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


599 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237

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