Kayo Nomura at at Bohemian New york

Kayo grew up in California and in various places both in Japan as well as overseas, finally settling in Hyogo, Japan. There, she blossomed and began her career as an artist. Her background in travel and culture encouraged her to see more of the diversity and the universality of the human facets, where she discovered that the world is made of ying and yang – her main source of inspiration. Kayo’s art is a form of visual storytelling interested in conveying dichotomies – from happiness to sorrow, light to darkness, and strength and weakness. Her art acts as a message : By living life accepting every moments that comes to us, we can embrace life to the fullest.

Start Date

September 20, 2016

End Date

October 20, 2016


12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


57 Great Jones Street, New York, NY

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