Joe Zucker at Maccarone Los Angeles

Maccarone Los Angeles is pleased to present 1000 Brushstrokes, a solo exhibition of a monumental new work by Joe Zucker on view from February 11 to April 1, 2017.
1000 Brushstrokes is made of 1000 industrial mops, each mop-head painted with one to five different colors and interconnected to create modules that are surrogate painting canvases. Each module of the work contains four mops with their wood handles bolted together to make a square. The result is 250 modules that are configured to be installed in a grid formation on the walls of a space. Measuring approximately 9000 square feet, it may be one of the most ambitious paintings ever made. If it were a more conventional work made with canvas over traditional stretcher bars, it would be a near impossibility to realize. Instead its physicality is made viable by its structural modularity, in the sense that modules can be added or subtracted to fit a space. This debut presentation at Maccarone will include 116 modules. After fifty years of investigating the terms and limitations of painting, Zucker’s new owrk is an exponentially dramatic expansion in both conceptual and material terms.
Start Date

February 11, 2017

End Date

April 1, 2017


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Maccarone, 300 South Mission Road, Los Angeles

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Maccarone Gallery



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