Jeppe Hein: Please Touch The Art at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Over the past 15 years, Jeppe Hein (b. 1974, Copenhagen) has become one of Denmark’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Now based in Berlin, he is known for his perceptually engaging, sculpturally inventive, and conceptually whimsical works. Often conceived for public spaces, his art captures a generous spirit that invites audiences to become active participants.

Three bodies of work are represented in the exhibition. Appearing Rooms is a systematically changing installation with walls of water that create rooms which appear and disappear. Visitors may move from space to space as the jets of water rise and fall. Mirror Labyrinth NY is made with equidistantly spaced vertical planks of mirror-polished stainless steel. Arranged in three radial arcs, the alternating rhythm and uneven heights of the steel elements echo the Manhattan skyline. Connecting these two works and continuing along the length of the park, the artist has installed sixteen bright red Modified Social Benches. These witty sculptures reinvent the form of the park bench, turning it into a lyrical and evocative work of art. Like each of his installations, they generate spontaneous expression and social connection, giving us new perspectives on ourselves and the world we share.


The 18 works in this exhibition are on view throughout the park – from as far north as the lawn near Jane’s Carousel to as far south as Pier 6. To help you locate each work, either print the Scavenger Hunt below at home or pick one up at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy Information Station at the entrance to Pier 1. As you move through the park, check off the box next to each work when you discover it. Snap a photo of your completed hunt, and Instagram or Tweet @PublicArtFund #PleaseTouchTheArt, or simply email us at to receive a prize. Happy hunting!

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Start Date

November 15, 2015

End Date

April 17, 2016


00:00 AM - 00:00 PM


Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, NY 11201

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