Jennifer Young: “Backstory”

Curated by Paul Calendrillo


Jennifer Young Artist Statement


My life experiences and love for photography are the inspirations for these paintings. My paintings feature women in various settings. The images I create are often symbolic or metaphorical of intense emotions. I also love to find the beauty in the decrepit and run down, whether it’s a decaying building or a distressed woman. My artwork is my visual diary. I recall past events or emotions from my life and then think of images that portray them. Once I have an idea for the painting, I set up a photo shoot and recreate the scene that I imagined. I orchestrate the photo shoot by telling the model what to do and how to look. After perusing many photographs, I choose one and paint directly from it.

Start Date

December 6, 2016

End Date

January 7, 2017


11:30 AM - 06:30 PM


507 Main St. Roosevelt Island Ground Floor New York, NY 10044

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