JAN KLEIN “ROCKED” SOLO EXHIBITION, December, 2nd – 7th, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Thur, Dec. 5th, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition: Dec. 2nd – 7th, 2019

Live Painting: Wed, Dec. 4th, 11:30am–9pm (6pm–9pm Live Painting)
Opening Reception: Thur, Dec. 5th, 11:30am–9pm (6pm–9pm Opening Reception)
Artist Talk: Fri, Dec. 6th, 11:30am–8pm (Artist Talk 6pm–8pm)

Jan Klein (born 1951) is a contemporary Danish artist. The work of Jan Klein is a fusion of street art and pop art is in the mixed media genre, combining paints and collages. His works are orgies of colors and he finds inspiration everywhere. Musicians from the 1950’s up to today, icons, words, sayings, and statements are essential elements of most of his works.

He was born and raised in Copenhagen, in a working-class family.  Conditionally born with dyslexia the school was not easy for the young boy-then he took refuge in arts. At were young age his artistic talent and uniqueness began to show up through his drawings and paintings. At the age of fifteen-sixteen, he became a hippie and started to experiment with various drugs like so many others in the ’60s. At the age of eighteen, he moved in with his wife Ninni, and as nineteen-year-old, he became the father of the first of five children.

At that time, he started preparatory art school at the Royal  Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, because he wanted to become an artist. He did not take it any further due to his escalating substance abuse. In the autumn of ‘72, through a church charity, he got support to get out of his abuse so he could live a structured life with his family and his work. Jan had a strong desire to help others with abuse problems and worked for a number of years with addicts in Vesterbro, professionally as well as on a volunteer basis. In 1988 he started the first of two treatment centers, and he ran those until 2013, where after twenty-five years he left and passed it on to his employees.

But back to the art! Throughout the years he has painted whenever he had the time and opportunity. However, there was not enough time for him to reach a broader audience, so it was mostly his family and inner circle of people who enjoyed the works. In 2009 he moved to Copenhagen, and there he really started to work full-time and develop his own unique style. The last few years have been terrific, he has exhibitions across the globe but mainly in reputed galleries and art fairs in Europe and America.

ROCKED will be exhibited at One Art Space, New York City between December 2nd and December 7th, 2019. You are invited to the show’s opening reception, live painting, and panel discussion.

Start Date

December 2, 2019

End Date

December 7, 2019


11:30 AM - 06:00 PM


23 Warren Street

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