Its a Dead Mans Party, "EYEconic Spirits" Art Exhibition

a Dead Man’s Party, “EYEconic Spirits” A Special Tribute to Day of the Dead by Angelicque’ @theLocaArtist
When: First Friday, November 3rd, 2017

You’re invited to a special Dead Man’s Party, in honor of “Dias de la Muerte”, aka Day of the Dead, It’s a celebration of Life, not Death. The EXPO ARTS CENTER, The Arts & Culture of Bixby Knolls, South Gallery is featuring a special art exhibition in honor of ancient icons in history, who still rule in spirit, called “EYEconic Spirits” by aspiring new artist, Angelicque’ aka @TheLocaArtist.

Inspired by Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Jose Guadalupe Posada, Angelicque’s style is a bold expression of energetic eye-catching colors that exude a positive energy inviting you to ponder Life and Death, and explore your third eye, your mind’s eye and your own inner truth. Learning is the EYE of the mind and beauty is in the EYE of the beholder. Her new collection is a reminder to celebrate life while there’s still time, because life is a party and party’s weren’t meant to last. Come say Hola! and enjoy an evening of art, culture and music. The “EYEconic Spirits” are dEYE-ing to meet you!

Start Date

November 3, 2017

End Date

November 30, 2017


06:00 PM - 10:00 PM


4321 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

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