Gwenn Thomas: Awnings, Windows, Rooms at Regina Rex

Gwenn Thomas’s exhibition comprises a selection of works that are conceptually interrelated by her ongoing study of the relationship between photography and painting. Between her photo emulsion on linen works and her series of sculptural window pieces, her work examines how photography shapes our contemporary perception of painting. The earliest work in this show is a hybrid, using a painted frame to blur the lines between our conception of painting and photography as distinctly separate.


Concurrent with the exhibition at Regina Rex, Thomas will have an exhibition, Standard Candles, at 57W57ARTS that will be on view from November 4th through December 17th, 2016. 57W57ARTS is located at 57 West 57th street in New York City.

Start Date

October 23, 2016

End Date

December 4, 2016


12:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Regina Rex, 221 Madison St., New York, NY

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