Goya in Tijuana

On April 13th we are exhibiting the work of Tony Geiger a long time resident of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. We think his work would make a great story for the and wanted to share it with you. The show titled Goya in Tijuana opens on April 13th and runs until May 4th. We would also like to invite you the opening on April 13th 5 – 7pm.

The restless world Tony Geiger creates encompasses both classical surrealism and more contemporary concerns. Conflict is usually present. These mischievous juxtapositions are attempting to make statements on the human condition, either politically, physically or spiritually. The use of brooding muted colors is designed to heighten their emotional impact. The paintings themselves are rendered in a somewhat realistic style with acute detail. They could easily be dated to earlier times but for subtle clues like a touch of spray paint here or a abstract gesture there. In the end, Tony wants the viewer to be challenged and amused by this mixture of the macabre and the playful. As in folklore, he often uses animals to stand in for humans to create a useful distance between the viewer and the story he is trying to tell.⠀


A graduate of the School of Visual Arts and a longtime NYC resident. Tony Geiger still considers himself, at times, a transplanted Californian. Raised in idyllic Pasadena until the age of 13, he then moved midtown Manhattan. He has exhibited his work both domestically and internationally. Tony lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Currently he is working on a series of improvisational ink drawings using ink and a Sumi brush.


Start Date

April 13, 2019

End Date

April 13, 2019


05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


371 Court Street - 2nd Floor

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