Four Artists on View at the Fredericks & Freiser Gallery

Four artists show they works at the Fredericks & Freiser Gallery: Brian Scott Campbell, Austin Eddy, Sarah Faux and Max Maslansky.


Brian Scott Campbell makes black and white drawings on paper. The drawings typically show figures in frantic, buzzing motion, and wobbly cartoon-like forms. The color palette is limited to silvery monochrome, with streaks of black gouache or ink, and employ an indulgent use of techniques and tools, from painting or spraying with liquid graphite, to printing with cut vegetables, socks, and underwear.


Austin Eddy’s abstract paintings have deceptively simple compositions. Eddy creates an array of playful shapes in a vernacular of imagery reminiscent of fingers, hands, arms, and eyes all in a seeming variety of actions.


Sarah Faux’s paintings feature closely cropped figures emerging from fields of color. She paints in the slippery zone between figuration and abstraction. While pop cultural narratives tend to police and categorize women’s bodies, her practice is dedicated to defining feminine experience and sexuality for herself. At times light-hearted and self-loving, at times abject and objectified, her paintings embrace the absurd, ineffable aspects of living in a feminine body.


Max Maslansky‘s work explores the effects of the mirror, our obsession with the ‘selfie,’ and its resulting consumption. By stripping away an image’s pornographic context and altering it through his subjective slight of hand with spring-like color and humor, Maslansky reveals the complex relationship between our use of sexuality for another’s pleasure.

Start Date

July 6, 2016

End Date

July 29, 2016


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, 536 W 24th St New York, NY 10011

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