Flowers for Minnie Virtual Opening

Vernon OMeally posing with flowers in front of his face

ABXY is pleased to announce Flowers for Minnie, a solo exhibition by artist Vernon O’Meally. Flowers for Minnie marks the artist’s second solo show with the gallery. It will be on view (by appointment) from June 4 through September 4, 2020 and include exhibition essays by Jasmine Weber and David C. Hunt.

Black and white abstract painting of flowers
Is This a Gamble, 2020
Acrylic, gel medium, Neocolor, and spray paint on canvas
84h x 58w in

In the dusk of the strangest spring ever, artist Vernon O’Meally presents a collection of contemporary still life paintings composed entirely in black and white. The artist began work on this exhibition’s grey gardens months before the pandemic’s outbreak, but they so beautifully anticipate our sadness for the season of sirens and song-birds that it seems worth disclaiming: they signal preexisting conditions. Gone are the electrified rainbow palettes of past exhibitions. Here, the artist’s signature linear abstractions have been bleached like the coral reefs and assembled into salt and pepper floral arrangements, which together feel as alive and full as the spectrum of human emotion, or all the notes on a grand piano, played in a minor key.


The artist’s insurgencies on our perception tease with their proximity to truth, providing an eerie caricature for the flourishing uncertainty that defines the era of fake news and atmospheric decay. Arriving at the all too familiar realization that when we don’t know what’s real, no where is safe, O’Meally’s Flowers meet us between hell and high water. In all their topsy-turvy tenderness, they beat to the rhythm of our bleeding hearts, acknowledge our longing for a brighter, more balanced future, and join in our search for light in the darkness. But seeking black and white answers to *super-natural* questions, the artist leaves us pawing around for that switch, and like the elegy of a thousand tiny violins, delivers Flowers for Minnie.

Start Date

June 4, 2020

End Date

June 4, 2020


05:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Online only, private viewings by appointment.

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