Erased Waste

Gallery Opening, Open Studios, Reading, Video, and Live Music!!!

Saturday, May 7th

In the Gallery:
6:00 – 11PM – Erased Waste – A Group Exhibition Exhibiting Works by Steven Day, Ed Grant, and Taezoo Park

Open Studios:
6:00 – 11PM – Hot Wood Arts Collective

6:00 – 11PM – Jimi Pantalon
6:00 – 11PM – Kurt Ritta

On the Stage:
6:30 PM – Reading – Robert Booras
8:00 PM – Live Music – Decanted Youth
9:00 PM – Live Music – The Judy Blooms
10:00 PM – DJ – WashMachine

In the Gallery:

Erased Waste, a group exhibition curated by Megan Suttles

STEVEN DAY (born 1965 in Newport Beach, California) is a New York based artist working in painting, photography and video. He received his MFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA 1994. He was awarded the Sigma Delta Chi (SPJ) Award for photography in 2010, and the Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant or Film and Photography in 2009.

Ed Grant: “Photography has always been a medium of contradictions. It can be a convincing record of the real while at the same time it is a construction, a fabrication. With the advent of digital processing, this is even more apparent. Particularly exciting is the ability to add error/unpredictability to the process by pushing code or hardware in non-conventional directions, commonly referred to as Glitch Art.”

“These images were manipulated with a pixel sorting script, a subset of Glitch Art. The glitch techniques, for me, are the most compelling in how they interrupt the expectations that the viewer normally brings to a photographic image. This frees the image of its representational mimicry while still alluding to it.”

“My exploration of digitally manipulated imagery goes back to the late ‘80s on an Amiga computer when I was an undergraduate at the University of Vermont (BA Studio Art, ’89). While my concentration was painting in graduate school at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MFA Painting, ’92), I continued to work with photography and digital manipulation. During the course of my career, digital process, from cameras to Photoshop, have become more powerful and accessible. This has allowed me the freedom to explore making images in a way that blurs the line between painting/ photography and the digital/hand.”

Taezoo Park is a digital artist based in Brooklyn NY whose work explores media and digital technologies which link together the ideal and real. Park pushes new artistic forms through his unique use of digital media, emphasizing the existent ‘character’ within a technology. Park’s work has been featured at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, CHI(Computer-Human Interaction), Contemporary Art Fair NYC at Javits Center and The Tunnel in Chelsea, World Maker Faire at New York Hall of Science, DUMBO Arts Festival, New Museum’s Ideas City, Governors Island Art Fair, Harvestworks, Ca’ d’Oro Gallery, Mark Miller Gallery, ACE Hotel, Cornell University, Lower East Side Ecology Center, Northside Festival, and Pratt Digital Arts Gallery.

“My main interest is an outgrowth of digital technology. As we are living in this overwhelming digital era, it has become an important aspect of life we cannot let go of. Today, leading tech companies such as Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Facebook have already made several versions of weak A.I. which we might be able to control, even though we cannot imagine what they thinks. We can say that they are for the better life of human being and we can simply turn them off, if something is wrong. However, I wonder what if there are already unannounced strong versions, which spontaneously develop consciousness, living in our electronic system.”

“DIGITAL BEING” is a series of the kinetic installations created from detritus of broken and discarded technologies based on the hypothetical existence of an invisible and formless creature born within the circuits of technological garbage. This creature evolves and responds to its environment through an atypical movement or specific interaction according to the machinery that it dominates.”

“There are very simple digital codes in all electronics, such as TV, phones. and computers. Not only is the daily output of these electronics incalculable, but also an enormous number of them are thrown away. Unless the memory chips or CPUs of the circuits are broken, they can still operate by command codes inside their bodies. What if the codes are accidentally combining with others then, generating mutant codes when they have physical shocks or make errors among themselves? As digital technology is developing, the interactions among machines increase dramatically and produce more e-waste, therefore raising the possibility. My artwork, ‘Digital Being,’ is based on this hypothesis.”

“The way to represent my artwork is a gigantic installation because I want to invite audiences into a whole new space, which is my hypothetical world. And then let the audiences find Digital Being by themselves through the strange movement of the individual abandoned technologies dominated by the

Open Studios:

Hot Wood Arts Collective Members

On the Stage:

Robert Booras will be reading from his latest book of poetry- The New Night of Always.
Robert earned his BA from University of Michigan and MFA from Brooklyn College. He created, edited, & published thirteen issues of SPAWN (Sunset Park Art & Writing Newsletter) before cofounding UpSet Press in May 2000. He has been co-director of UpSet Press since its inception. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

The Judy Blooms consist of vocalist and guitarist Jake Giesige and drummer Angel Allende. The ever-changing sound of The Judy Blooms is, in essence, just pop music. Balancing grand soundscapes with earnest lyrics, the Brooklyn duo search for new ways to bend the classic song structure.

Decanted Youth is experimental, electronica, indie-folk, ambient rock, dreamy pop and sultry blues. Decanted Youth is the moniker of Sarai Moore, collaborating with local musicians and experimenting with their sound. Sarai Moore will be performing with Justin Frankel and Shane Hagan and video artist Jimi Pantalon.

WashMachine – Sounds & Visions from WashMachine conjuring up post-punk, raw funk, and disco junk from around the globe…

Video Art and Mapping:

Jimi Pantalon is a New York artist creating experimental video and interactive installations for over a decade. Blending stop-motion collage and documentary, Pantalon regenerates cultural and dream-inspired images creating poetic tensions between sight and sound, fiction and non-fiction. His 2010 feature-length film; Out In The Wash screened at the 2011 Creator’s Project and 2012 Mixed Media Festival. A 2015 collaborative installation combining hand drawn domestic scenes with digital video to explore the boundaries between people and their technological devices entitled;Bodies Take To Light, exhibited at Brian Morris Gallery NYC, Rhode Island International Art fest, and The Holbrook Arts Center. In February of 2016 the immersive installation; Galactic Whispers, inspired by NASA’s 1977 launching of the Voyager1 space craft, examined the transmission and transmutation of myth and information in our hyper-mediated world. It was exhibited at Long Island University in Brooklyn Humanities Gallery. Jimi Pantalon recently completed his first historical fiction screenplay entitled Dark Days In Paradise, about the music, politics and social strife of Bermuda in the 1970’s.

Kurt Ritta’s latest works involve creating site-specific video installations that redefine surfaces, sometimes involving performers or dancers in human scale that interact or confront the viewer in some way. His passion is surprise; changing a viewer’s perception of the space around them.

Kurt Ritta is a video installation artist who comes to projection by way of painting. He was a fine art painter showing in galleries in Soho, Berlin, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Santo Domingo. Born in New York City, with a BFA from New York’s School of Visual Arts, he evolved from oil paint on canvas to film and video, where he paints with light and time as a projection artist for large events as well as galleries and art exhibits.

How to Find Us:
481 Van Brunt Street
Unit 9B – Second Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11231

From Brooklyn: Take the G or F to Smith and 9th street then the B61 towards Red Hook.
From Manhattan: Take the Water Taxi from South Street Seaport to Ikea or Fairway Market.
We are located in the building left of Fairway Market. Our entrance is on the pier side of the building. Walk to the end of Van Brunt to the water and take a left, then another left around the building.

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May 7, 2016

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May 7, 2016


06:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Hot Wood Arts, 481 Van Brunt Street - 9B, Brooklyn NY 11231

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