Ebb, Flow, Muck & Mire: A Sea Change in 3-D

Exhibition opening: Mar 8 from 7-10p with the artists visiting from Finland: Juho Poesiloe Pöysti (1974), Risto “CW01” Puurunen (1972), and Maija Kivi (1984).

The art collective Kinobox Obscura is known for inventing the first 3D camera obscuras in the world. They have been building 3D artworks since 2013 in Mexico, Germany and the Baltic countries. Their latest 3D camera obscura artwork was a 3D camera obscura pedal boat which emerged in Finland, 2016. All members of the art collective have a long history in making art in different forms–be it music, fine arts or performance art.

Risto Puurunen and Juho Poesiloe Pöysti have been working together for almost two decades in different projects, most notably in Puurunen’s band, Cleaning Women. The band have been touring all over the world from China to Canada and they have released three albums to date and composed music for numerous silent films that the band accompanies live. Risto plays his own unique self-made instruments made out of laundry equipment in Cleaning Women and Poesiloe has been working with the band as a VJ and live visualist. The both are also members in Russian-Finnish performance/music group The Execution of Music – Poesiloe as a singer and and Risto as a musician. Last April Risto and Poesiloe performed for the first time together in New York taking part in the Scandinavian Performance Tour launch party at Last Frontier NYC with 3D shadow plays and improvised music.

Maija Kivi is a visual artist working on painting, sculpting, installation and performance. She has collaborated with Kinobox Obscura since 2016. She has her own performance group Manic Pixie Dream Horse Show, with hobby horses and colorful carnival costumes. Kivi has graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012.


Here’s the full exhibition schedule: https://www.facebook.com/events/2108900649338882/

Start Date

March 8, 2018

End Date

March 18, 2018


07:00 PM - 10:00 PM


173 Jefferson St

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