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This spring, a new kind of art show is coming to Miami. From May 14 – May 30, Dori Gilinski Gallery will hold a pop-up exhibition aimed at disrupting the gallery industry.The exhibit features 10 pieces of modern art from up-and-coming artists in Europe and Latin America. Prices range from $100 to $10,000, suitable for both a collector and a neophyte — a rare confluence among today’s markets. Profits will fund an after-school art program in Panama through Libros para niños. The purpose of the organization is to collect books via book drives and deliver them to compromised communities in developing countries across Latin America. LPN addresses an overarching problem of volunteers having to pay their own way. The foundation funds volunteer trips and connects people who want to help with volunteering opportunities. LPN also provides support and advice throughout the duration of each trip.


More About Dori Gilinski

As a private art consultant, Dori Gilinski has held private exhibitions in London, New York, Panama City, and Bogota. This is her first show open to the public. Dori recently sat down for an interview where she gave advice to people looking to start a gallery and her goals for Miami and information about a show she recently did. “My goal in Miami is to attract newcomers to the art world. I’m less interested in art collectors, gallery goers, and museum visitors — the typical crowd that already frequents art shows — than the guy on the street, who’s always been intrigued by art but never had the courage to embrace it. Think: the young professional in a sundress, not the middle-aged financier in a sports coat.” “I chose to inaugurate this show in Miami because of the city’s cultural diversity. Few places can bring together young talent from Latin America and Europe as gloriously Miami can.”

Start Date

May 14, 2016

End Date

May 30, 2016


09:00 AM - 10:00 PM


1170 Kane Concourse, Miami, FL

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