Denial “Ransom” at Krause Gallery

Opening reception: Satur(day), March 12th,  2-6pm


Daniel Joseph Bombardier (AKA: DENIAL) is holding Manhattan’s Krause Gallery hostage with his new exhibition RANSOM. Opening March 12th, the pieces presented build on themes and techniques developed over the Canadian-born artist’s decade long career. Amassing a global following, Denial challenges society to re-examine the ways in which we perceive a variety of socioeconomic and political issues.


RANSOM is a new collection of textually based, laser cut assemblages that bring together a myriad of corporate logos and various imagery to create new messages that combat mass media, consumerism and advertising. The work re-contextualizes these images to create unique artistic statements that drive the viewer to question how they interact with corporations and established power structures that control our everyday lives.


The pieces are very much a play on mainstream advertising. Corporations can be threatening in the way they inundate us with media everywhere we go. They want our money and our minds, whether it’s good for us or not. Corporations hold us hostage in a capitalist and consumerist world; they train us to live in a way that continues to feed into their dominance. Denial’s work merges pop art with a distinct street art technique, rooted in a punk ethos that challenges the powers that be and our own perceptions of them. Denial appropriates the imagery of the very corporations he opposes to make commentary and open discussion about the nature of western consumerist culture.

Start Date

March 12, 2016

End Date

April 4, 2016


12:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard St, New York, NY

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