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Dean Radinovsky’s paintings demonstrate progress—large and small. His works allow for a succession of consecutive, incremental changes and some paintings continue for years.


Underpainting is the key to all of his painted works. Inspired by Georges Braque’s quote: “the painting is finished when it has effaced the idea,” Radinovsky’s paintings are a springboard for reaction until it is resolved.


This “work-in-progress” represents Radinovsky’s shifting self as he is shaped and influenced by others’ work, including literature, music, and film, the changing light and seasons, and the inflection of experience.


He spends a lot of time on the ocean – often at twilight – and these moments slowly find their way into the works. The hours work in aggregate, and the information flowing out of the painting is stored by the viewer’s subconscious to be consciously apprehended over time.


Akin to the varied production of a novelist or filmmaker, Radinovsky’s artistic production is dynamic and reflects different facets of his life and personality:


“Painting as a poetic language
The sculptural manifestation of painting as a process
Love of film and portraiture
Love of and inspiration by the female form, plus Freudian character development
The interplay of light and structure”

Start Date

January 13, 2016

End Date

November 7, 2016


08:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Lobby of 45 Broadway (between Rector & Morris St.) New York, NY, 10006

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