Crack Rodriguez, ‘Spectacle in an Ahistorical World’ at Shin Gallery

Shin Gallery presents Spectacle in an Ahistorical World, the first solo exhibition of the Salvadoran artist Crack Rodriguez in the United States. Through his “acciones” carried out in the streets of El Salvador, Rodriguez aims to inspire consciousness and questioning among the public, in particular by forming relations with Salvadorans who aren’t directly connected or concerned with the art world. The exhibition will be a video installation, displaying footage of Rodriguez’s performances and demonstrations in a recreation of a cinderblock house typical of his native El Salvador. The domestic environment, complete with a clothesline, will create an intimate viewing atmosphere for urgent works that demand immediacy.

Start Date

November 17, 2016

End Date

December 18, 2016


10:30 AM - 06:30 PM


Shin Gallery, 322 Grand St. New York, NY

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