Cosmogonies: Jean Pierre Arboleda, Anne Bachelier, Pierre Matter

AFA is pleased to announce the start of its fall exhibition season with paintings by Anne Bachelier and Jean Pierre Arboleda and sculpture by Pierre Matter. The exhibition will feature new collections of work inspired by cosmogony, the study of the origin of the universe.


Cosmogonies explores the work of three artists whose subconscious minds strive to discover visual harmony in the physical world.  The paintings and sculptures will provoke consideration through work that is rooted in organic surrealism from a possible moment in our future. The collective works, like the science of cosmogony, attempts to explain our place in the universe with a core theory born from what is real coupled with what has been imagined.

Start Date

September 15, 2016

End Date

September 15, 2016


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


54 Greene St.

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