Corey Wash: Conversation Derelict at ABXY

ABXY presents “CONVERSATION DERELICT” a solo exhibition by artist COREY WASH. “Conversation Derelict” marks the artist’s second solo show with the gallery following “It’s a Jungle Out Here” (2018). The upcoming exhibition at ABXY showcases a new collection of the artist’s paintings as well as video and site-specific installation. “Conversation Derelict” will be on view from March 29 – May 15, 2019. Exhibition essay by Angela N. Carroll.


Working across a diverse range of media, artist Corey Wash explores the ideas evolving around environment, culture, and identity today. Wash often plays with concepts related to language and communication in her work, creating images populated by comic-style characters who speak directly to the viewer through confessional speech bubbles. With this exhibition, Wash dives deeper, focusing in on the subject of communication in the Digital Age by presenting scenes of contemporary life, which convey technology’s effect on the exchange of ideas and information today. In splashy, saccharine palettes, these latest cartoon portraits examine our dissociation with reality in a world of screens, signs, and symbols. In so doing, Conversation Derelict asks the question: Why do truth and knowledge feel so inaccessible in a world where we can share ideas and information farther and faster than ever? Taken together, the works in this exhibition suggest that if we don’t find a way to (re)engage with reality and access our collective intelligence, our technological interconnectedness may be our undoing.

Start Date

March 29, 2019

End Date

May 15, 2019


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM


9 Clinton Street

Event Type

Invite Only

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