Artist Talk: Bobbie Moline-Kramer ABSTRACT NARRATIVES



Exhibition Dates: June 5 – June 30, 2019


Followed by Q & A and Reception


Press Release:

Join Lichtundfire and the Artist for an INFORMAL ARTIST TALK with Q & A for ABSTRACT NARRATIVES, Bobbie Moline-Kramer’s debut solo exhibition of mixed media paintings on paper and wood. A convergence of figuration and abstraction, Moline-Kramer’s renderings of natural elements intermingle with abstract-expressionist brushstrokes – blending reality with illusion to create abstract narratives.


Trained as a biomedical illustrator, Moline-Kramer, has made her way with each work through layers of representation and abstraction to arrive at the surface of an intuitive amalgam of both. Forged with brush, oil paint, ink, colored gesso, oil stick, graphite, thread, Moline-Kramer’s work is both, conceptual and spiritual. Her careful gestural brush strokes and anatomical drawings merge with a free movement and a distinct sense of the materials applied. Evading prompt pinpointing or easy characterization, her work remains as much rooted in representation as in abstraction.


Moline-Kramer crafts a visual language that connects with the subconscious, propelling recollections and emotions to the surface where they adhere to contemporary practice. She excavates archetypes while immediately covering them with layers of paint and gesso. Her decision to reveal as much as to conceal, creates awareness of the countless layers of our unconscious reflections. However visually engaging, Moline-Kramer directs us to introspection – leading us to questions of such magnitude as to where consciousness begins and memory is lost.


Bobbie Moline-Kramer was born in Iowa and lives and works in Southern California. She studied Illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and holds a BFA in Bio- Medical Illustration from California State University, Long Beach, CA. Her work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout the US, and has been subject to much critical acclaim such as in Artes Magazine;; CultureCatch; Huffington Post; Los Angeles Times; WhiteHot Magazine of Contemporary Art among others.


Bobbie Moline-Kramer’s Solo Exhibition ABSTRACT NARRATIVES is on view at Lichtundfire Wednesday through Saturday noon – 6 pm & Sunday 1 – 6 pm.

This exhibition has been conceived in collaboration with Robert Curcio of curcioprojects.


For more information and images of ABSTRACT NARRATIVES, and on the ARTIST TALK please contact Priska Juschka at, 917-675-7835, or visit; or contact Robert Curcio at, 646.220.2557.


Lichtundfire: 175 Rivington Street NY NY 10002
Contact: Priska Juschka,, Tel: 917-675-7835
General Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm, Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Start Date

June 21, 2019

End Date

June 21, 2019


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


175 Rivingston Street, New York, NY 1009

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