ArtCenter’s Dina Shenhav Exhibition + VIP Breakfast Reception

For the ArtCenter installation, Shenhav will create a hunter’s cabin to depict masculinity, war, combat and, more specifically, the world of the hunter. Complete with all of the tools of the hunter’s trade – ammunition, fur pelts, guns, knives, rifles, taxidermy deer heads, traps and tree stumps – Shenhav will sculpt each item individually using yellow mattress foam. Additionally, every detail of the hunter’s life – from the boots he wears to the food he eats – will be hand-carved by Shenhav using the yellow foam.

Start Date

December 5, 2015

End Date

December 5, 2015


09:00 AM - 12:00 PM


7252 NW Miami Court, Miami, FL 33150

Event Type

Invite Only

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