Art & Economic Activism

Start your weekend with some art — and an important conversation about the effects of CO2 emissions on our planet.


Just in time for Earth Day, join Women of Culture at the Unix Gallery for a private exhibit viewing and intimate conversation about art & the environment with Dutch artist, Ellen de Meijer.


De Meijer is a contemporary artist known for her fine technique and the level of detail in her work, along with her desire to expose some of the challenges inherent in modern life. She sees humans as primitive beings trapped by the confines of societal expectations, and she believes we have embraced a naive belief in power, material possessions, and individual greed. All of this is now starting to show its devastating consequences on a global scale in the form of everything from deep routed inequality to global warming.


“Almost daily, we hear about global warming, but still we do far too little to really take responsibility for the harm we cause our planet. Perhaps this is because we can’t see our CO2 emissions,” says de Meijer. Her show at the Unix gallery, entitled #CO2, portrays modern day archetypes threatened by global warming. She invites viewers to engage with a collection of stoic, uncomfortable characters who are unabashedly displaying their wealth, and she exposes that humankind is not only the cause, but also the victim, of its own decay.


We will sit down with the artist to talk about her work, process and inspirations, as well as why she believes the topic of global warming is so important. Plus time to meet and network with fellow artful New Yorkers while viewing this thought-provoking exhibit.


$10 early bird tickets; $15 full price.
All tickets include wine, cheese, artist talk & private exhibit viewing.

*Please note this is a co-ed event and open to anyone interested in learning more about art, the environment and the intersection of the two.

Start Date

April 12, 2019

End Date

April 12, 2019


06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


Unix Gallery

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