Anima Mundi by Eric Roux-Fontaine

HUGO GALERIE is thrilled to host ANIMA MUNDI : ERIC ROUX‐FONTAINE’S 5th US solo exhibition. After the success of Neverlandscape (Axelle Soho, 2012), Lunar Park (Axelle Boston, 2013), Jardins Secrets (Axelle Soho, 2015) and Souvenir du futur (M Fine Arts Galerie, Boston, 2017), Roux‐Fontaine returns to New York City with an all-new collection of mixed media paintings. These new works continue his exploration of the blurred line between reality and fantasy while introducing new themes, such as the undeniable connections between visual art, nature, and serenity. His multi-media body of work is largely inspired by his travels throughout Central America, India, and Eastern Europe, specifically to Borucan & Romani communities.

Start Date

March 24, 2018

End Date

April 22, 2018


06:00 PM - 07:00 PM


472 West Broadway, New York, NY. 10012

Event Type

Invite Only

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