Amy Bennett at Richard Heller Gallery

Amy Bennett’s upcoming exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery, entitled “Small Changes Every Day,” is her first solo exhibition in four years. Featuring all new works, Bennett’s dreamlike scenes depict a miniaturized world playing at reality.
Bennett designs and paints from miniature 3D models, allowing her total creative control of the scenes she imagines. She is able to manipulate composition, light, and vantage point, often in an attempt to simulate the inadequacies of memory, dreams, and the imagination.

As an evolving still life for her new paintings, Bennett built a diorama of a fictional rural landscape and gradually developed it into farmland and ultimately, a town. Citing inspiration from an altered perception of time after having a baby, a move upstate from New York City to the Hudson Valley, Google Earth images of towns, and old city maps, Bennett has spent nearly four years creating her most recent series.


Opening Reception

Saturday, September 10: 5 – 7pm


Gallery Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 11pm – 5pm

Start Date

September 10, 2016

End Date

October 15, 2016


05:00 PM - 05:00 PM


2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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