Alex Da Corte: A Man Full of Trouble at Maccarone

Maccarone is pleased to present A Man Full of Trouble, the gallery’s first exhibition with Philadelphia-based artist Alex Da Corte.
Da Corte’s current exhibition takes its name from the Pre-Revolutionary war tavern that stands in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic district. Using the “privy”, an archeological and scatological pit located near the “A Man Full of Trouble” tavern, as inspiration, Da Corte presents the world within such a portal; a place where memories, objects, past, and present aggregate and reconstitute.
Collapsing the space between the psychological iconography of his outer Philadelphia upbringing and the cultural touchstones often used to define those suburban boundaries, Da Corte transforms 630 Greenwich Street’s exhibition space with a menagerie of interrelated sculptures staged atop a carpet depicting a cinematic moment of foiled discoverybegging the existential questions of the difference between chasing fantasy and chasing delusion.
Several works in Da Corte’s tableau feature replicas or retooled iconographic components of Philadelphia’s culture and history: John Cram’s fan chair, William Penn’s likeness on the Quaker Oats container, local business murals, or the ever-present inventions and avuncular presence of Benjamin Franklin. Other works are poetically staged amalgams of the familiar and the absurd interwoven with personal narratives of love, loss, success, and escapism, providing a kaleidoscopic portrait of the artist and his city.
Start Date

November 1, 2016

End Date

December 21, 2016


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Maccarone New York, 630 Greenwich St, New York, NY

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