Since October is LGBT History Month, we decided to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite LGBTQ artists on Instagram. As the month comes to a close, you won’t regret following any of these powerful and colorful accounts all year long.



Mickalene Thomas (@mickalenethomas)

The multi-media artist known mostly for her photographs, collages and paintings, provides a much-needed perspective, both in her artwork and on her Instagram account, as she celebrate black femininity in her works. These pieces represent women in poses that are reminiscent of glamorous classic art paintings, yet insert power and black culture into the forefront. These women are presented in highly vivid and would-be-distracting environments, but still own the spotlight.



Tiggy Thorn (@tiggythorn)

Tiggy Thorn gives us disco-envy. Color and sparkle explode from the Instagram account of the self-described Parisian “clubkid.” His embellished and bejeweled 3D-mask looks fall into a category of art yet defined. Part sculptural, part editorial, part playful…full sass. You’ll never get bored scrolling through your Instafeed again.



Ryan McGinley (@ryanmcginleystudios)

It’s no surprise that Ryan McGinley was the youngest artist to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum. Unabashedly raw and realistic, McGinley’s photographs feel almost voyeuristic in their nature. And you’re invited to the viewing party, thanks to his Instagram account. The documentary-style posts are usually very organic, incorporating non-sexualized nudity, youthful subjects, and elements of nature.   In a recent project, he asked his friends to use his camera to take their own self-portraits.



Kehinde Wiley (@kehindewiley)

One of the most accomplished gay artists of our time, Kehinde Wiley has elevated the contemporary portrait. A twist on traditional portraits, Wiley’s paintings present black figures in a position of regality. His subjects have included high-profile subjects. In fact, many may recognize him from the official presidential portrait he painted of President Barack Obama.



Séamus Gallagher (@shameusseamus)

Séamus Gallagher’s Instagram posts merge text and visual curiosity in colorful photographs and installations. His otherworldly works experiment with the concept of physical space. He often also explores the use of digital devices that allow him to incorporate playfulness into his pieces.


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