STAMINA at Secret Dungeon

at Secret Dungeon

photos // courtesy of Secret Dungeon

​SECRET DUNGEON welcomed their largest ever show opening attendance on September 10th, with the latest show curated by one of the collective’s members, Alexandra Fanning. The two person show, S T A M I N A brings together two female artists from differing backgrounds exploring the universal psychological, social, and cultural ways of viewing and valuing the labor of women’s work. Performance artist Thai-Australian Kawita Vatanajyankur, presents candy-colored videos featuring her body as a tool, while Russian-American Liza Buzytsky has transformed the gallery space with her work “200 Hours”, a fiber work influenced by “survival technique” knots. Liza will continue producing and building upon the work for the duration of the show, occupying the gallery space.


Guests packed into the makeshift gallery space, located in the depths of a parking garage, inside a storage unit, grabbing beers from the hood of the dusty Cadillac situated at the entrance. Buzytsky was on hand to talk about her practice and allow people to explore the tactile nature of her large scale installation, which will grow organically throughout the show. Select press and members of the collective later attended a private dinner for the artists at Roberta’s across the street.