Instagram Roundup: Balloon Queen Geronimo at the NYC Ballet

If you’ve been hibernating or haven’t logged in to your instagram account, let us fill you in. As we reported a few weeks ago, this year, New York City Ballet (NYCB) teamed up with balloon artist Jihan Zencirli, known as Geronimo, for the NYCB Art Series. The artist has used over 200,000 balloons to give the iconic architecture of Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater a makeover during its 2018 winter season. Her large-scale installations have been specifically designed for the Center’s façade and interior promenade.


Our instagram feed has been inundated with colorful images of Geronimo’s massive installation, that we felt it was our duty we to share our 10 favorites. Jihan Zencirli’s work will be on display through March 4, with a newly-inflated installation due to arrive on February 13.


1. @coolhunting



2. @deepwoodsbk



3. @younghawk



4. @holidaysandhappilyeverafters



5. @stateoftheart00



6. @littlekidnyc


7. @nycballet



8. @vwlawrence



9. @mandybraatz



10. @theartropeik


top image // @hot_on_a_dime

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