Eggs, Jetsetting, & Girl Power – A Day in the Life of Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine is an art goddess who loves the creative freedom in working for herself.

Cesarine’s art has been exhibited internationally at many art galleries, museums and festivals, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Getty Images Gallery, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, French Embassy Cultural Center, Art Basel Miami, Cannes Film Festival and the International Festival Photo Mode to name a few.

If you’re a New Yorker you’ll likely remember The Faberge Big Egg Hunt at Rockefeller Center – Cesarine’s “Egg of Light” was featured alongside the world’s leading artists, designers, photographers, and architects at this memorable exhibition.

Art Zealous recently visited “The ‘F’ Word: Feminism in Art,” a show at Cesarine’s The Untitled Space gallery, and met this influential innovator in person. We chatted with Cesarine about her impressive career as an artist and her creative evolution.


Art Zealous: Astrological sign?

Indira Cesarine: Aquarius


AZ: Currently reading?

IC: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl


AZ: Dream travel destination?

IC: Cuba. Also, I would like to travel more in South America.


AZ: Favorite female character in a movie?

IC: Marion Cotillard was brilliant in La Vie en Rose.


AZ: You’ve focused on using contemporary fashion and beauty photography as a means to address gender stereotypes and male domination in commercial media. How do you manage to combine activism with your work and stay passionate about both?

IC: Even though I have a degree in Women’s Studies, throughout my career as a fashion and beauty photographer I did not present myself as an “activist.” Being a female photographer in a male dominated industry just became part of who I am, part of my style. As my career evolved to launching my own magazine and opening my own art gallery, I found that issues like feminism became an important part of my voice.


AZ: As a multimedia artist you’ve been known to work with photography, video, painting, printmaking and sculpture. What’s your favorite?

IC: I love sculpture and 3-dimensional forms. Right now I am working on a series of video sculptures which I am really excited about. I would love to bring it all together in the form of an installation – which can combine many elements like photography, audio, video, and sculpture.


AZ: How does your process differ in photographing models, candid’s or friends?

IC: In the past few years I have done quite a few portraits of personalities (musicians, actresses etc.) and you need to have a very precise vision in doing so.

On the other hand, I have a lot of images from travels throughout Asia and South America that are candid and real, shot with natural light and are more about capturing a moment, a mood, and a culture. There’s something inspiring in capturing the simplicity of real life versus the contrived reality of a magazine shoot with a model or celebrity.


AZ: Tell us about The Untitled Space art gallery.

IC: The Untitled Space is an art gallery and creative space for exhibits and events that cross over from contemporary art to fashion, film and music. Recent exhibitions include “The ‘F’ Word: Feminism in Art” featuring the work of 20 female artists, which I co-curated with Denise Krimershmoys. “Allegories of The Held”, a solo show of works by street artist Jennifer Caviola aka Cake and “Human/Nature”, a group show of 20 artists featuring works revolving around environmental themes. Recent events include “SciConvo” a TEDX talk on Science and Culture and “Feminism and the 4th Wave” which was a panel discussion on Millennial Feminism.

I launched the gallery about a year and ½ ago. I always wanted to have a gallery space, as I had studied art history considerably over the years. It just made sense to put my energy into having a creative home for all my projects, as well as a space where I could encourage and support other artists.


AZ: You have an incredible resume. Do you have a favorite period in your career as an artist?

IC: I think right now is a very exciting time for me as I am creatively exploring new avenues and bringing together elements from my past. For instance, I’m working on a project right now using photographs from my archives that were shot in the early 90’s, but with a whole new twist reconfiguring them to be relevant in a new way.

I recently exhibited an intaglio print I did back in 1993. There is something very reassuring about coming full circle at this stage in my life, especially exploring my early work with a different perspective.


AZ: What project are you currently working on?

IC: I just wrapped up The #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled Magazine, and we are about to launch the App edition. The magazine is really a creative extension of my work as an artist. I was always inspired by Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, and loved the way he had that extension of his work. For Untitled, I oversee the creative direction and casting, and do a lot of the photography myself. I also do a lot of the interviews for the magazine. I love collaborating with other artists and photographers on the issues, which all revolve around a central theme.

Aside from maintaining that, I am working on several art and photography projects. I’m working on a series of video art sculptures as well as an exhibition and book project featuring some of my early photography.

I’m also planning an exhibit for the gallery next year themed “He For She”, which will feature the work of male artists who are feminists. That will be an interesting one to curate for sure!

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