Best-Dressed at the Venice Biennale: Men’s Edition

As we noted yesterday, this year’s Venice Biennale has served as a bit of an ad hoc runway that has us wondering if Milan and Rome are truly Italy’s hubs of fashion. More often than not, the ladies outshine the men when it comes to outerwear, but we noticed some dapper gents who finally showed the world that the common man can indeed dress artistically. Here are some of our favorite men’s wardrobes of the Biennale thus far:


1. Olafur Eliasson

Photo // courtesy of @labiennale


2. Franz Erhard Walther

Photo // courtesy of @labiennale


3. McArthur Binion

Photo // courtesy of @newyorkartgallery1


4. Marco Zambaldo

Photo // courtesy of @zambaldo


5. Felix G

Photo // courtesy of @felix_gum


6. Joshua Royse

Photo // courtesy of @joshroyse


7. Nico Robinson

Photo // courtesy of @nirobinson


8. Antonio Pizzino

Photo // courtesy of @antonio_pizzino


9. Stanley Gabriel

Photo // courtesy of @stanleygabriel


10. Ivan Minuti

Photo // courtesy of @ivanminuti

Top Image // courtesy of @geertofficial

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