Art on a Budget – 7 Sites to Buy Affordable Art For Your Home

A house is not a home without art, but not all of us have the cash to splash out on a Sotheby’s shopping spree. Money is no excuse to still have your college dorm room posters taped to the walls of your apartment. Here are our suggestions for sites to pick up some new original art for your home, that won’t break the bank.


1. Little Paper Planes Shop


Katie Batten, Print 3 Mother, Daughter Laser, Razor

Initially created as an online forum in which new emerging artists could share their pieces, Little Paper Planes Shop has grown exponentially over the past several years. Now with an online store as well as a brick and mortar store in San Fransisco, the shop sells affordable and highly original pieces from talented new artists.



2. Sugarlift

Emma Abad, Mother, 2015

Sugarlift is the simplest way to find high-quality and affordable art. Connect with your personal art advisor or shop online to find art that fits your style, space, and budget.



3. Bulletin

%22Untitled%22 #2 Andrew Haan. Bulletin

Andrew Haan, Untitled #2

The site which sells a variety of home decor items is mainly known for its pop-up shop presence. Bulletin acquires empty storefronts all around the country and allows emerging artists to share their work. If you are unable to make it to a pop-up shop, you can always order online for all of your original home decor needs.



4. Tappan Collective


Daffy Hagai, Grapes

The Tappan Collective works with artists to curate their work, and with collectors to help them find what they are looking for. It is a great platform to help emerging artists to get some recognition, and for you to start growing your collection!



5. Etsy


Lisa Golightly, Last One In

Etsy is a go-to for many since it’s one of the largest online marketplaces for artists to post their work. It is often hard to find exactly what you are looking for in such a vast, un-curated collection. But don’t give up! Be sure to favorite the items and stores that you like, and Etsy will begin to customize your homepage according to your preferences. The piece shown above is from one of our favorite shops, Kiki and Polly.



6. Chairish


Pirrot, 1909

Chairish is mostly known for its excellent collection of vintage furniture, but its decor department is just as impressive. Filled with unique vintage pieces ranging from $40 -$10,000, Chairish offers a wide variety of posters, prints, paintings, photographs and more.



7. 20×200


Kent Rogowski, Untitled #10

20×200 launched with the goal of making art collecting more affordable. 20×200 mainly sells limited edition prints. With its carefully selected collection, the site is a great way to discover new artists without getting entirely overwhelmed.


top image // Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists, courtesy of the artist and 20×200

This post originally published April 19, 2016

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